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Our free CA CDL practice tests offer you copious questions with answers and explanations on the topics of General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination, Doubles & Triples, Tanker, Hazardous Material, Passenger, School Bus, and Pre-trip Inspection. This is believed to be the stepping stone for your success in scoring high for the CDL exam.

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General Knowledge
Air Brakes
Tanker Endorsement
Double And Triple - Trailer Endorsement
Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HazMat)
School Bus Endorsement
Passenger Endorsement
Pre-trip Inspection
Combination Vehicles

California CDL practice test

1. What is a California Commercial Driver's License?

The California commercial driver's license permits drivers to operate a commercial motor vehicle within the California state. This CDL license is based on the California CDL Manual 2022 in order to be applicable to the Federal Regulations. 

2. What is the structure of a California CDL test?

A commercial driver's license test in California has the same format as it in other states with 50 multiple choice and True or False questions on the basis of the California Commercial Driver's Handbook and the laws in this state. All the questions will ask about the traffic signs, signals, trucking laws, proper rules, speed limits, vehicle inspection, and commercial vehicle safety to ensure the ability to become a well-qualified driver.

Your task is to correctly answer at least 40 questions in total (80%) to successfully pass the exam and get the license. 

3. Why should you choose California CDL practice test?

If you wish to ace the California CDL exam and obtain the CDL license, it is pivotal for you to practice with CDL prep questions as much as possible and get to know the test. Understanding the demand of applicants, we offer you numerous California CDL practice tests on the topics of:

  • California CDL General Knowledge practice test
  • California CDL Air Brakes practice test
  • California CDL Combination practice test
  • California CDL Pre-trip Inspection practice test

and 5 endorsements:

  • California CDL Tanker practice test
  • California CDL Double And Triple-Trailer practice test
  • California CDL HazMat practice test (Hazardous Materials)
  • California CDL School Bus practice test
  • California CDL Passenger practice test

With the flexible learning schedule and place, you can find it immensely beneficial for your learning pace and final outcome. Therefore, do not hesitate to conquer our California CDL practice tests immediately.

4. How to apply for a California Commercial Driver’s License?

4.1. Look over the California CDL requirements

To gain a California CDL License, you first need to take the requirements in this state into consideration. In particular, the Federal regulations require the applicants to:

  • Be at least 18 years old to drive within the California state
  • Be at least 21 years old to drive outside the California state
  • Be issued a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)
  • Provide proof of U.S citizenship and California residence by giving personal identification including the Social Security Card, Birth Certificate (or Green Card)
  • Be not disqualified for any driver's license qualification
  • Not have more than one driver's license 
  • Not be suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualifies in any state in terms of driving privileges
  • Meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations medical requirements 
  • Pass the California CDL exam (written knowledge test & road test)

4.2. Take appropriate CDL endorsements 

Depending on the type of class or purpose of your job, you may require different endorsements on your CA CDL License. Before taking the specific written CDL endorsement examination, make sure you know which endorsements you need to take.

4.4. Pass the California CDL skills/road test

The California CDL skills test or road test is another criterion to decide whether you can obtain a CDL License or not.

5. How much does it cost to earn a California CDL License?

To work as a truck driver, you must have a commercial driver's license (CDL) from the DMV of California. Here are the application fees for different classes:

- Class A or B:

  • original license (with or without a driving test): $70
  • renewed license: $41
  • road/skills retest: $30
  • duplicate license: $31
  • name change: $27
  • endorsement other than PV addition: $41
  • passenger transport endorsement (PV) addition: $70
  • noncommercial Class A to a Class B addition: $41
  • motorcycle license (Class M1 or M2) addition: $33
  • firefighter endorsement addition: $27

- Class C:

  • original license (with or without a driving test): $41
  • renewed license: $41
  • road/skills retest: $30
  • duplicate license: $31
  • name change: $27
  • air brake restriction removal: $41
  • endorsement (not requiring a driving test) addition: $41
  • motorcycle license addition: $33
  • firefighter endorsement addition: $27
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