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Earning a Michigan commercial driver's license cannot never be easier with our MI CDL practice tests. Various questions and answers are compiled on the basis of the 2023 Michigan CDL Permit Manual with the same format as the real test.

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General Knowledge
Air Brakes
Tanker Endorsement
Double And Triple - Trailer Endorsement
Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HazMat)
School Bus Endorsement
Passenger Endorsement
Pre-trip Inspection
Combination Vehicles

Michigan CDL practice test

1. What is Michigan CDL?

A Michigan CDL is a license that allows you to drive a specific type of commercial vehicle, such as a tanker, hazardous materials truck, or bus. In order to legally drive it, you must also have a suitable endorsement. If you wish to drive a HAZMAT, for example, you should have the HAZMAT Endorsement.

2. Who is required to hold a Michigan CDL?

Normally, MI CDL is for any adult driver who wants to ride a commercial vehicle. Because the commercial truck field is quite good to earn money, there are more and more types of trucks that produce:

  • A single-vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 26,000 lbs
  • A combination vehicle that can contain over 26,000 lbs and tow a unit of 10,000 lbs
  • A passenger vehicle that can haul more than 16 passengers
  • A hazmat or toxic material carrier  

3. What are the needed documents to bring in the Michigan CDL?

To obtain your Michigan CDL license, you are required to bring the following documents below:

  • Class D driver's license that is valid for the duration of the commercial permit
  • Proof of legal U.S. residency
  • Possess a current Social Security number
  • Medical requirements for a commercial driver's license

4. How much will you pay for the Michigan CDL?

When applying for MI CDL Test, there are several fees that you should pay to get your license, check the list below: 

- Standard CDL: $25

- Enhanced CDL: $45

- CDL endorsement: $5

5. Why do you need to take the MI CDL practice test?

The questions in the Michigan CDL cover whole the content of the Michigan CDL Manual Book. Thus, if you skip the practice part, you might miss some important questions. In addition, we built a system of practice tests and flashcards that share the same format as the actual test, to help you get used to it.  With an aim to increase your knowledge and memorizing skills, we divided the content into topics:

  • Michigan CDL General Knowledge practice test
  • Michigan CDL Air Brakes practice test
  • Michigan CDL Combination practice test
  • Michigan CDL Pre-trip Inspection practice test

and 5 endorsements:

  • Michigan CDL Tanker practice test
  • Michigan CDL Double And Triple-Trailer practice test
  • Michigan CDL HazMat practice test (Hazardous Materials)
  • Michigan CDL School Bus practice test
  • Michigan CDL Passenger practice test

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6. When do you have to renew your Michigan CDL?

Michigan’s commercial driver's license will last for four years. So you'll need to renew your CDL card if you want to keep driving your truck. When your CDL is due to expire, you need to go to the Secretary of States’s office and do the following

  • Complete the Certification form 
  • Present proof of your legal presence in the United States
  • Take a vision test after the branch receives clearance from both state and national checks.

Please note that if your license has expired for two years or more, you have to retake the knowledge and skills test again.

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