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If you need to operate a vehicle hauling goods, you should be equipped with a Minnesota commercial driver's license. Our MN CDL practice tests cover 9 different topics of General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Pre-trip Inspection, Doubles & Triples, Tanker, Hazardous Material, Passenger, and School Bus Endorsements, which can ascertain that you are all set for the CDL exam.

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General Knowledge
Air Brakes
Tanker Endorsement
Double And Triple - Trailer Endorsement
Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HazMat)
School Bus Endorsement
Passenger Endorsement
Pre-trip Inspection
Combination Vehicles

Minnesota CDL practice test

1. Who needs a Minnesota CDL license?

A Minnesota CDL license is a necessity for those who operate:

  • a single commercial vehicle with a GVWR of more than 26,000 Ibs
  • a combination vehicle with a GVWR of more than 26,000 Ibs, towing a unit of more than 10,000 Ibs GVWR
  • a vehicle that carries at least 16 passengers including the driver
  • a vehicle with hazardous material placards or transporting a select agent or toxin as laid out by federal guidelines.

Once holding a Minnesota CDL license, you are eligible to operate a commercial motor vehicle within the state of Minnesota owing to adequate knowledge and skills in driving a truck. 

2. How many questions are there in a Minnesota CDL exam?

Before sitting the CDL written knowledge test, all applicants are required to reach 20/40 visual acuity for each eye in the vision test. Then, you will take the written knowledge exam in the form of multiple-choice and True or False questions. Apart from the 50-question general knowledge test compulsory for all test takers (at least 40 correct questions will be the requirement to pass the test), you are also asked to take different endorsement tests (e.g. Tanker, Double & Triple-Trailer, School Bus, etc.) corresponding to the class type of the commercial vehicle and the purpose you operate the truck. 

At last, you can take the CDL skills road test after passing the required written knowledge tests. The road or skills test aims to validate your skills in motor vehicle laws and safety techniques.

3. How to gain a CDL license in Minnesota?

  • Prepare for the requirements to get a Minnesota CDL

- A minimum age of 18 is required to get a Class A CDL and 17 to achieve a Class B CDL

- Operators with Class C CDL must hold at least 1 endorsement out of HAZMAT endorsement, Passenger Transport endorsement, or School bus endorsement

- Meet the Federal DOT medical certificate by completing several medical forms, including the Medical Examination Report and Commercial Driver License Self-Certification Form 

- Be not suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified to operate a vehicle in any state

  • Read the Minnesota CDL Manual to have a deep insight into the laws and requirements for operating a vehicle in Minnesota state
  • Register for the Minnesota CDL exam in your county driver's license office. Remember to bring all the identity documents needed including your current driver's license, Social Security card, proof of Minnesota residence, and money to pay the fees
  • Take the Minnesota CDL exam including the visual test, written knowledge test, and skills/road test

4. How does Minnesota CDL practice test online benefit you?

In order to pass the Minnesota CDL exam, you need to prepare solid knowledge and skills to operate a commercial vehicle. As a result, a flexible learning schedule is pivotal for each learner to practice anywhere and anytime. Based on the demand of candidates, we offer you a wide range of FREE Minnesota CDL practice tests on both website and mobile application (App Store and Google Play) in different sections:

  • Minnesota CDL General Knowledge practice test
  • Minnesota CDL Air Brakes practice test
  • Minnesota CDL Combination practice test
  • Minnesota CDL Pre-trip Inspection practice test

and 5 endorsements:

  • Minnesota CDL Tanker practice test
  • Minnesota CDL Double And Triple-Trailer practice test
  • Minnesota CDL HazMat practice test (Hazardous Materials)
  • Minnesota CDL School Bus practice test
  • Minnesota CDL Passenger practice test

Install our app or visit our website now to best experience various CDL practice tests and other user-friendly features. 

5. What are the fees you need to pay for getting your CDL in Minnesota?

The DVS currently charges the following fees for CDLs and related services:

+ Class A CDL:

    • $44.25 for a regular Class A CDL 
    • $24.25 if the applicant is under age 21

+ Class B CDL: $36.25 

+ Class C CDL: $29.25

+ Class A, B, or C Instruction Permit: FREE

+ Endorsement examination: $2.50

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