Transportation is a growth fast industry. Most of the essential goods and materials are carried by commercial vehicles. Thus, a great demand for CDL drivers is at the top of national careers. If you are looking for a job with a good salary without a university degree CDL class B is not a bad choice. Read the CDL class B study guide for more information.  


cdl class b
What is CDL class B?


1. What is CDL class B?

A commercial driver’s license class B permits the driver to operate any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) larger than 26,000 pounds and any vehicle carrying a trailer with a GVWR not exceeding 10,000 pounds. A CDL Class B is necessary for the following jobs:

  • Trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds drivers
  • Permitted to operate Class C cars but not Class A vehicles drivers
  • Straight trucks, box trucks (such as delivery trucks), big buses (such as school buses, city buses, and tourist buses), and dump trucks with tiny trailers drivers

In brief, CDL class B is a potential job for truck drivers due to the GVWR that it can carry on per trip. You can read the comparison between CDL Class A vs Class B in order to fully understand these two common CDL classes.


2. What are the CDL class B requirements?


2.1. Age requirements

In certain areas, the driving age limit for a CDL Class B is merely 18 years old or older. In these instances, a novice driver has an excellent opportunity to begin early and obtain significant driving experience. A CDL Class B driver might be ready to test for the CDL class A license after only three years if they decide to drive heavier trucks over longer distances.  Check your state requirements to know exactly.


2.2. Endorsements

Obtaining a CDL class B does not imply that you can drive any vehicle within the specified weight range. Some will still require extra endorsements that demonstrate your training and ability to handle specific types of vehicles or goods. CDL Class B drivers can choose from a variety of endorsements, including:

  • (H) Hazmat: permits the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • (N) Tank Vehicle: allows drivers to carry liquids. (P) Passenger Transport: provides drivers to operate a vehicle that transports passengers (such as a bus)
  • (S) School Bus/Passenger Transport: permits drivers to drive a school bus 
  • (X) Tanker and Hazardous Materials: enables drivers to carry both hazardous and liquid materials


cdl class b for drivers
Requirements for CDL Class B  


3. What are the steps to get CDL class B?


3.1. Achieve the commercial learner’s permit

The first stage in obtaining a CDL class B is to apply for and receive a commercial licensing permit (CLP), which must be obtained at least 14 days before proceeding to the next step. Some states require more time, thus, double-checking before starting the procedure.

To apply for a CLP, you are required to:

  • Be at least 21 years old, or 18 if you want to drive just within one state.
  • Make an application for and pay for a commercial learner’s permit.
  • Provide proof of your Social Security number, identification, and residency are required.

You must also take and pass a written exam to verify your expertise, as well as provide the relevant licensing organization with the previous 10 years of your driving history to ensure there have been no significant incidents.

Applicants must also present their medical history to demonstrate that they are fit and healthy enough to drive huge trucks. A Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card may frequently help the procedure.


3.2. Complete CDL training program 

After receiving your CLP, you can enroll in a CDL class B training program. It’s a legal obligation in some jurisdictions to attend a CDL school before earning your license, so you can search for it early on.

CDL training programs are meant to prepare you for your future driving job by allowing you to study for your exam and practice your skills in a safe and regulated environment. CDL training can be found through licensed, certified, or approved colleges, or it can be found through company-sponsored training with specialized trucking companies.


3.3. Pass CDL class B test

The next step to get a CDL class B license is to pass the written and driving test. The written test of class B includes 50 questions and to pass the test, you must get at least 40 correct questions. Questions come from chapters covering: Introduction, Driving Safely, Transporting Cargo Safely, Air Brakes (if applicable), Combination Vehicles, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test, and On-Road Driving. To prepare carefully, you can take the CDL Practice Test to score higher on your real test.

On the CDL road test, you are required to perform your driving skill with an examiner. Try your best to perform your skill!


3.4. Get the license and endorsements

You will receive your CDL class B license once you have finished your CDL course and passed the examinations. Depending on where you reside, you may receive it in person on the day you pass your driving test, or you may receive it in the mail.


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4. What are CDL Class B salary and job outlook?


4.1. CDL class B Salary

While CDL class B drivers may not earn as much as CDL class A drivers, there is still considerable money to be made if you choose the correct role. Bus drivers made an average annual income of $48,110, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), while light truck drivers got an average annual wage of $41,050.


4.2. CDL class B job outlook

Future career prospects are similarly promising, with the employment of passenger vehicle drivers anticipated to expand by an astounding 25% between 2020 and 2030.


cdl class b for truck drivers
Future career prospects are similarly promising for CDL class B


5. CDL Class Practice Questions

Question 1: The minimum tire tread depth for all tires except the front tires is
A. 1 inch.
B. 2/32 inch.
C. 4/32 inch.
D. 8/32 inch.

Question 2: You should have a minimum of _______ tread on your steering tires.
A. 1/4 inch
B. 2/32 inch
C. 4/32 inch

Question 3: Which of these is NOT required knowledge for drivers needing a HAZMAT endorsement?
A. Basic chemistry
B. When to use placards
C. Which products can be loaded together

Question 4: Which of these is a good thing to do when driving at night?
A. Drive slowly enough to stop within the range of your headlights.
B. Keep your instrument lights bright.
C. Look directly at oncoming headlights only briefly.

Question 5: You can see a sign on a vehicle ahead of you. The sign is a red triangle with an orange center. What does the sign tell you about the vehicle?
A. It is a law enforcement vehicle.
B. It is a slow-moving vehicle.
C. It is hauling hazardous material.

Question 6: Which of these is not part of the pre-trip inspection of the engine compartment?
A. Condition of hoses
B. Valve clearance
C. Worn electrical wiring insulation

Question 7: What might happen if you swing wide to the left before you turn right?
A. All of the above might happen.
B. Someone might try to pass you on your left.
C. Someone might try to pass you on your right.
D. You might damage your leaf springs

Question 8: Which is NOT one of the four basic skills that operating a commercial motor vehicle requires?
A. Accelerating
B. Backing safely
C. First-aid certification
D. Steering

Question 9: You should schedule your driving
A. between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight.
B. between the hours of 4 a.m. and 6 p.m.
C. for the hours you are normally awake.

Question 10: Which of these statements is true about the causes of vehicle fires?
A. Carrying a properly charged fire extinguisher will help prevent fires.
B. Poor trailer ventilation can cause flammable cargo to catch fire.
C. Underinflated tires will NOT cause a vehicle fire.


Keep practicing in our CDL Practice Test in order to score high and master all the CDL exams!

In summary, CDL class B is a great choice for truck drivers. We hope that with our provided information, you can choose the most suitable career for you. Moreover, by following your dream and you will earn what you deserve!