In the US, it is required for drivers to hold a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). However, it is not enough if you want to earn more in your truck career. A good option for truck drivers is to archive the CDL Passenger Endorsement to carry a bus or van for tourism or school. So, what is it, and how to get it? Read our CDL Passenger Endorsement Study Guide to know!

cdl passenger endorsment
How to obtain a CDL Passenger Endorsement?


1. What is CDL Passenger Endorsement?

Initially, CDL Passenger Endorsement (P endorsement) is one of 6 CDL Endorsements that requires any commercial vehicle drivers who want to transport more than 16 passengers. Especially, to become a CDL School Bus driver, P-endorsement is a must along. However, this P- endorse can be used not only to drive a school bus but also for cars with livery, motor coaches, and public service motor vehicles. We strongly suggest you read the CDL School Bus Study Guide to know the steps to apply and get more information. 


2. How Can CDL Passenger Endorsement Affect My Career?

Generally, being able to transport passengers is a significant plus in the trucking industry. Many commercial vehicles are built to transport big groups of people, which presents unique obstacles compared to normal truck driving. You can lawfully drive groups of 16 or more people if you receive a school bus or passenger endorsement.

This endorsement has the potential to drastically alter your professional prospects. Being competent to drive a bus might allow you to work on a more regular schedule or drive locally.

Passenger transportation may also improve your income ability and work chances. Drivers of tractor-trailer trucks make an average of $39,520 a year, while bus drivers get paid an average of $30,220. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Truck driver job opportunities may rise 5% and bus driver job openings may climb 6% and even more


3. What Does CDL Passenger Endorsement Require?

To apply for a CDL Passenger Endorsement, you should ensure that you are qualified for the following details: 

  • Own a legitimate CDL
  • At least 18 years old (21 is better)
  • Have a driving record
  • Have a moral character
  • No criminal background
  • Have a clinical assessment of medical records
  • Include a Passenger Endorsement application form
  • Complete the medical examination form
  • Contain the identical forms (fingerprint)
  • Have the proof of no new offenses on paper
  • A certified criminal and driving history from states where you have lived for the previous 5 years
  • Payment of $88.25 by cheque or money order is required.

The requirements for CDL Passenger Endorsement vary in each state. To be sure of what you need to submit, you can read your state’s manual and prepare for it.  


4. How Much Does CDL Passenger Endorsement Cost?

The cost of a CDL endorsement varies by state. However, the average fee for CDL Passenger Endorsement is about 10$.  For instance, In New Hampshire, you must spend $10 per endorsement to add this endorsement but the cost in Utah is only $7.00. You should check your state’s fee to make sure you got the correct number. 


cdl passenger endorsment test
CDL Passenger Endorsement costs $10


5. CDL Passenger Endorsement Study guide


5.1. How Do I Get A Passenger Endorsement On My CDL?

Applicants who want to pass the test must be through a special knowledge test, and then pass the skills test in a passenger vehicle also. 

The CDL Passenger knowledge test includes 20 multiple-choice questions. To pass the test, you must have at least 16 correct questions (80%). The content of the test is cover some main features of driving: 

  • Vehicle inspection: It is necessary for drivers to check your vehicle before using it. Some criteria need to be checked every day: emergency exits must operate and be notified, the floor must be safe to walk on, seats must be secured, and so on.
  • Safe loading/unloading: keep an eye out for harmful items—all hazardous materials are properly listed, and most cannot be kept in passenger vehicles—storage limitations, and so on.
  • Driving techniques: Control the safe distance ahead of the vehicle, stopping times, etc.
  • Passenger management: properly deal with disrespectful passengers, enforce the law and solve passengers’ emergency situations.
  • Hazardous material: Both drivers and passengers need to be aware that hazardous materials are not friendly materials to carry on a bus or car. In case it needs to be transported, it should be labeled with the chemical name and ID, in the diamond shape.

You can check this table below to know what kind of hazardous materials are allowed and not allowed in buses or vans, it will be one of the questions in the CDL Passenger Endorsement test:

Allowed Not allowed
  • hospital emergency drugs and supplies
  • medical oxygen
  • >100 lbs solid class 6 poisons (pesticides, arsenic)
  • >100 lbs of class 1 hazardous materials (ammunition, dynamite, fireworks)
  • >500 lbs of total hazardous materials 
  • poison gas
  • liquid poison
  • irritating materials
  • radioactive materials
  • tear gas
  • explosive
cdl passenger driver
Steps to take the CDL Passenger Endorsement 


5.2. Steps To Take CDL Passenger Endorsement Test

First of all, you must already hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before you get the Passenger Endorsement certification. One thing you should know is that you can’t get both CDL and P endorsement at the same time because to receive the CDL Passenger endorsement also requires a skills test in a vehicle similar to the one you’ll be driving on your job. Thus, it is better if you take the CDL first and then apply for the P endorsement.

Next, make sure you prepare all the needed documents. You can read the CDL requirements to re-check. It will take you days to prepare them all, don’t forget! 

Thirdly, you should think of practicing to make sure you will pass the test.  Be ready for it because if you do not pass, you will not be recharged for your application fee. Don’t waste your money by practicing with CDL Practice Test now!


In brief, we already provided with you the information on CDL Passenger Endorsement and how to get it with a blunt CDL passenger study guide. Hope it helps you archive the endorsement with a good score. Don’t forget to practice frequently!