Transportation is a good field to earn money. However, being able to drive a truck is not easy as it seems. Do you know the fact that to transport a huge quantity of liquids and gasses via truck, you need to have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Tanker endorsement? In this CDL Tanker Endorsement Study Guide, we will show you all the fundamental information that you need to know.

cdl tanker endorsement
CDL Tanker Endorsement Study Guide


1. CDL Tanker Endorsement

1.1. What Is CDL Tanker Endorsement?

To begin with, an endorsement is a designation on your CDL that shows your qualification in driving specific kinds of vehicles. On the front of your CDL, there will be a letter that represents what type of truck you are in charge of. For example, letter S on CDL Endorsement is for School bus, which means the owner is a qualified Bus driver. To know more about other CDL Endoremsents, take a look at the CDL Endorsements post we already posted.

In short, CDL Tanker endorsement means that the driver is approved to drive large liquid quantities. Specifically, there are 2 types of tanker endorsements:

  • N Endorsement:  for drivers transporting liquids or gas over 1,000 gallons
  • X Endorsement: a combination of traditional tanker endorsement (N Endorsement) and hazmat endorsement

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1.2. How Can Tanker Endorsement Affect My Career?

Companies that transport any sort of huge amounts of fluids or gasses require permit holders that have tanker supports. By going through the method to urge this underwriting, truckers fundamentally make their applications more alluring than drivers that aren’t embraced. This opens entryways to careers that require drivers to have N support. And gives those truckers an advantage when a manager is checking through work applications looking for tanker drivers.

Drivers with any extra aptitudes and support frequently are paid more than the ones without extra support. Driving a tanker requires extra security aptitudes since of the unsteady nature of pulling fluids. Hence, drivers with Tanker support numerous times are a few of the highest-paid truckers on the street. So, the payoff of seeing those paychecks increment exceeds the up-front costs to pay for N support and training.


1.3. What Does Tanker Endorsement Require?

You should notice that not everyone can get the Tanker Endorsement. There are some detailed requirements you should know when thinking about being a tanker truck driver:

  • Your age must be older than 18.
  • Your passport must be in the US.
  • If you have a CDL from another state, you must surrender it first and then apply for a new one in the state where you live.
  • If you don’t have a CDL, you must first register for one and have that before requesting for an endorsement.
  • Pass a vision test.
  • Have the newest photo at the DMV.
  • Pay for application and training fees.
  • Done each of the tanker and hazardous material tests separately before getting an endorsement.
  • Own a current Commercial Class B or Class A type license.
  • Be able to complete and pass the HME knowledge test and apply for the Hazardous material endorsement.
cdl tanker endorsement study guide
How much does CDL Endorsement cost?

1.4. How Much Does CDL Tanker Endorsement Cost?

The cost of CDL Tanker Endorsement is one of the highest concentrations of truck drivers. Luckily, CDL tanker endorsements are not as expensive as you think. The price can be different in each state, but the range of additional endorsement costs is only from $10 to $50. You should check on the CDL tanker endorsement cost of your state before taking the test.


2. CDL Tanker Endorsement Test 

2.1. How Do I Get A Tanker Endorsement On My CDL?

The answer is you must take the CDL tanker endorsement test. The CDL tanker endorsement test includes 20 questions. All of them are in multiple-choice form. To be considered as qualified exam takers, your answers must have at least 16 correct questions (approximately 80%). 

Generally, the knowledge CDL Tanker endorsement test contains a range of topics such as tank vehicle inspection, safely hauling tankers, dealing with baffles and bulkheads, and other scenario questions on how to drive a tanker.


2.2. Steps To Take CDL Tanker Endorsement Test

Firstly, before taking this test, possessing a valid CDL in either of the vehicle classes is a must. As mentioned in the requirements part, get a CDL first and then apply for a Tanker Endorsement later.

Secondly, spend some time preparing for your test through a practice test. The surest way to pass the actual test is, to begin with, a knowledge practice test. You can look for a free CDL tanker endorsement practice test on the Internet. In addition, this website provides you a system of CDL tanker endorsement practice tests and also mock tests for you to get along with how the actual test should be. Therefore, we strongly suggest you take the practice test to score high on the actual test. If you are looking for a website to practice, start with our CDL Practice Test to help you score high on the actual test. 

Lastly, you can schedule a test appointment and go to the local DMV office to take the actual Tanker Endorsement Test. There are some things to notice while taking this test that you should bare in mind: be on time, keep calm, and have a good attitude, then don’t forget to recheck your answers.

Steps What to do in each step?
1 Own a CDL
2 Practice test
3 Schedule an appointment


cdl tanker endorsement test guide
Steps to achieve the CDL Tanker Endorsement

3. What are the FAQs of CDL Tanker Endorsement? 

3.1. How many questions on CDL Tanker Endorsement in Florida?

There are 20 questions. Each of the 20 questions is based on the official 2022 CDL manual. The test is designed to prepare you for the Tanker Vehicles portion of your 2022 Commercial Driver’s License exam.


3.2. Is CDL Tanker the same as CDL HAZMAT Tanker? 

No, while they both involve transporting hazardous materials, drivers need additional knowledge to drive tankers. You can, however, obtain both a hazmat endorsement and a tanker endorsement. If you do both, you’ll have an “X” on your license instead of an “H.”


3.3. What are the different types of tanker trucks?

Tank types are includes:

  • Chemical tankers
  • Petroleum tankers
  • Agriculture tankers
  • Liquid food and beverage tankers
  • Water tankers
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) tankers
  • Compartmentalized (combined cargo) tankers

3.4.  How much does a CDL Tanker Endorsement cost?

CDL tanker endorsements are relatively inexpensive. If you already have your CDL, the additional endorsement costs range from $10 to $50 depending on the state you live in.


3.5. How long does a CDL Tanker Endorsement last?

Once you pass the knowledge test and pay the proper testing fee and/or renewal, duplicate license fee, you can add the tank vehicle endorsement (N Endorsement) to your license. It will remain valid as long as you hold a valid CDL.
That is all the information about the CDL Tanker Endorsement we want to introduce to you. We hope that after reading this study guide for CDL Tanker Endorsement, you will have a clear understanding of the CDL Tanker Endorsement and know how to take it. If you are looking for a website to practice your CDL test, start now with our CDL Test Pro. We are not only on the website but also available on the Play Store and App Store