Trucking is a business that provides a variety of driving possibilities for truckers who wish to transport items from one location to another. However, regardless of your selected trailer type, route, or firm, you can ride alone or as part of a team. Although the notion of traveling with someone else sounds appealing, given that you’ll always have company in the taxi, the reality is different since each driver has a distinct personality. So, in this post, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of team truck driving, as well as how it works.


team truck driving
How does team truck driving work?


1. What is team truck driving?

Team truck driving, as the name suggests, is when two drivers share the same truck and take turns driving it. The FMCSA allows truck drivers to drive for a maximum of 11 hours following 10 consecutive hours off duty. As a consequence, one member of the team can drive for 11 hours while the other driver sleeps or do anything on the truck but doesn’t drive. 

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2. What are the benefits and challenges of team truck driving?

Every job has its own rewards and consequences. Trucking as a team also brings drivers opportunities to experience many aspects of life.


2.1. Benefits of team truck driving

Never feel lonely: Trucking is a solitary occupation that limits you to your cab, surrounded by a radio, an audiobook, or music. However, if you desire to be with other people, preferably a partner or friend, you will appreciate teaming up. In addition to keeping you company, your partner will assist you in loading and unloading the merchandise. You’ll also check and weigh the cargo in turns.


Get more jobs: At the outset of their careers, most truck drivers work alone. Although you may carve a career as a single driver with top carriers, being a team driver offers up more trucking opportunities.


Earn more: Because two drivers may travel further distances than one, team truck driver jobs sometimes earn more than solo positions. So, if you can bear the contrasts and hardships of sharing a truck with another person, you will enjoy the benefits. 


More secure: Having a spouse also adds an added layer of protection, especially for female truckers. In the event of a medical emergency, your spouse can provide first assistance before dialing 911.


2.2. Challenges of team truck driving

 You are not the controller: The first thing you lose control of is any “auxiliary” tech – in other words, you can’t sing along to your favorite AC/DC record as you race down the highway for delivery. Every choice you make must be approved by your spouse, which may be unpleasant and even aggressive during vacations.


Poor quality of sleep: You will sleep while the other driver drives, but the quality of your sleep may not be the same. Aside from the likelihood of nonstop music in the truck cab, you must contend with less-than-ideal circumstances in the sleeper. And you can’t order your partner to turn off the radio if you were listening to one when they were sleeping.


Break time: When biking alone, you may time your breaks to fit into the original itinerary. However, if you have a companion on board, you will need to make additional stops.


Relationship issue: Team trucking is no stranger to confrontations and power battles. You will wind up bickering and fermenting hostility if you are unwilling to compromise to meet your partner’s requirements.


Spare time: Team truck driving entails numerous shifts shared by two drivers, allowing you to spend more time on the road. This normally has a greater impact on team drivers.


cdl team truck driving
What are the disadvantages of team trucking driving?


3. How much do team truck drivers make?

On average, team truck driving pays more than solo operations since you can deliver your freight in half the time.


The remuneration per mile for two-person partnerships is roughly $0.75 – $0.90 divided. Overall, team truck drivers earn between $80K and $90K per year.


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4. What are some helpful tips to improve team truck relationships? 

Build a communication system:  Drivers who don’t get along should devise a communication technique with their coworkers. You can, for example, put a towel on the dashboard to indicate that you have exited the truck. Yes, that seems crazy, but the last thing you want to do is hitch a ride to catch up with the truck.


Be aware while your partner is sleeping: Driving in complete stillness might be deafening, yet you can’t put the music up all the way when your companion is sleeping. So you have to find a happy medium and apply common sense to find an appropriate amount that works for everyone.


Take a break: you can unwind by visiting nearby attractions during your holidays. Contact your spouse to check whether they are likewise interested in seeing the city or the countryside. This pastime might become a bonding experience for both of you.


Work together: Don’t allow your rage to impair your judgment or professionalism while on the road. Both drivers must be in sync when loading, unloading, reversing, and navigating since one miscalculation from the one behind the wheel may rapidly place you both in an unsafe situation.


team truck driving cdl
How to improve team truck driving relationship?


5. What are the FAQs about the team truck driving?


5.1. How far do teams work in trucking?

Team trucking involves two separate drivers taking turns behind the wheel. One will be driving, while the other will be a passenger (up to two of the ten minimum off-duty hours) or in a sleeping bed. This permits the vehicle to continue operating while adhering to hours-of-service requirements.


5.2. Is it necessary for team drivers to perform a 34-hour reset?

No, the 34-hour restart period is not required. The rule is merely one technique for managing your drivers’ hours. A 34-hour restart may be the quickest option to reset your drivers’ clocks and get them back on the road, depending on your drivers’ preferences.


5.3. What do team drivers do for sleep?

Team driving simply implies that instead of one driver driving a route with the customary breaks for sleep or rest, two drivers will do so, with one truck driver napping while the other drives on a rotating schedule.


5.4. Do team drivers share their earnings?

Most team truck driving are made up of married couples or groups of friends. Team drivers are paid 50/50, which differs from all other trucking employment.


5.5. How do truckers take their showers?

Most truck stop showers are located within a clean, safe, and private restroom stall that can only be used by one person at a time. A conventional bathroom stall has a sink with a mirror, a toilet, outlets, and, of course, a shower.


Team truck driving is a great experience that might lead to other job chances. You can also earn more money every mile if you use the same path. However, in order to thrive as a team trucker, you must learn how to work and cohabit with your partner. You must also appreciate and empathize with the individual hauling freight with you. If you want to start your career as a trucker, don’t forget to practice with free online practice tests.