Are you a truck driver who owns a little pet but your job keeps you far away from them? You totally can bring them with you! These days, most trucking companies allow trucking drivers to bring their pets while driving on the road. However, it’s not easy as it seems. You have to prepare well to ensure nothing bad happens to your pets as well as your own safety when decide to trucking with pets


trucking with pets
What are the benefits of trucking with pets?


1. What are the benefits of trucking with pets?

While spending long days on the road, drivers sometimes feel lonely and need company to travel with. However, it’s not easy to drive with a person without paying him/her. That’s why the man’s best friend along for the ride is your pet. Trucking with pets can brighten your days with: 


1.1. Health benefits

Pets provide extra possibilities for physical activity. It might be difficult to find inspiration to work out when traveling. However, if your dog (or cat) requests a stroll, you are more inclined to go. Spending time with dogs not only boosts your physical activity, but it can also lower your blood pressure and perhaps reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. 


Besides, reduced stress and anxiety levels is one of the significant health advantages of trucking with pets. It has been shown to lower cortisol levels—the stress hormone of truckers. In addition, bonding with your pets also causes the production of oxytocin and other “happy” hormones in both humans and our pets, which help us keep positive thinking while working. 


1.2.  Companionship

The biggest advantage of trucking with pets is absolute loneliness reduction while working alone for a long time away from family and friends. Nothing better than having a small company to share food and a lot of conversation. On the hand, your pets get benefits when they are on the road with your too. They don’t have to be in the kennel all the time and can have more small walks than being at home.


1.3. Social interaction

When visiting a new location, a pet can assist in breaking down the communication barrier between you and other strangers. This social connection is essential for truckers who drive alone while trucking with pets.


1.4. Safety

If you are traveling alone, a pet may make you feel more secure during rest breaks. Having a pet, such as a dog, around might provide you with a sense of security. For example, if you need to buy something and have to stop, you can let your dog in the truck to make sure no intruder can break into the truck.



2. What kind of pets can you bring while trucking? 

According to the FMCSA, there are no regulations regarding pets in the truck, as long as safety is not compromised. However, you should always carry proof of your pet’s vaccination against rabies or a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to bring animals across your current state while trucking with pets. Normally, there are 2 common types of pets which are dogs and cats. Besides, there are also other types such as birds, rabbits, small pigs or turtles, monkeys, etc.


2.1. Dogs 

Dogs are considered one of the best companies to truck with when thinking about trucking with pets. When traveling with a dog, you have a friend who genuinely pays all of their attention to you, as opposed to some apathetic cats. In addition,  dogs are highly active, you can exercise frequently with them and maintain your body in shape perfectly.

Furthermore, dogs are excellent assistance animals, which is a vital tool for drivers suffering from life-threatening medical illnesses and intruders.

In addition, not all type of dogs is suitable for trucking. Choosing dog breed is one of the factors that you should consider carefully before making a decision. We suggest you to choose one of the following below: 


  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Miniature Poodle 
  • Pug
  • Maltese
  • Labrador retriever
  • Pitbull 
  • Dachshund
  • Boston Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkshire Terrier


trucking with pets dog
Dog is one of the most common choice for being a trucking buddy


2.2. Cats

Introverted people who prefer personal space tend to choose trucking with pets cats. They are still human-closed, but quieter and laying down all day long. Some cat breeds can make better road companions than others: 


  • Birman
  • American Shorthair
  • Sphynxes
  • Persian
  • Maine Coon 
  • Siamese
  • Abyssinian
  • Ragdoll


trucking with pets cat
Cat is a best match for introvert people


2.3. Others

If you think cats and dogs are too popular these days, let us introduce you to some drivers who have special pets.

Sarah Giles, 27, from Breckenridge, Texas has a pair of dogs and six parakeets. “They’re funny little birds — each one has his own personality and quirks,” said Ms. Giles, who built an elaborate open jungle gym for them. Ms. Giles’s routes are mostly long hauls on the East Coast. “The driving part is easy — it’s the mental aspect that’s the hardest part,” she said. 


trucking with pets bird
One of 6 parakeets in Mrs. Gile’s truck


Kelly and Robyn Brunson of Tooele, Utah, drive for Godfrey Trucking in a 2013 Peterbilt 389, sharing their journey trucking with Truffles, an American mini pig. “We picked a pig for the vehicle since they are clean and do not stink,” added Ms. Brunson. “All of the employees and drivers have grown to adore Truffles,” she continued. “She wakes up at 8 a.m. every day.” then waiting for her meal of piggy pellets and fruit, she enjoys burrowing in the sleeper’s pillows and blankets. She travels with us wherever we go, including to all 48 states.



trucking with pets pig
Mr. Brunson and his beloved Truffles


Ms. Washington, driver of Road Legends trucking company share that she had a cute hedgehog as a company.        


3. How to trucking with pets safely? 


3.1. Understand your company rules 

First thing first, make sure your company allows pets. Normally, most trucking companies allow their drivers to bring pets while driving. However, some companies do have requirements about breed, size, or weight. Be sure you follow all of your company laws about trucking with pets to avoid unexpected situations such as fines, etc


3.2. Understand your pet’s needs

Because your pet will be with you in the truck for all the driving time, be prepared to make them feel comfortable. There may be some pet stores on your route, but not easy to find. Don’t let yourself in an urgent situation without any food and supplement for your pets. Here are essential things you need to bring every day: 

  • Pets food 
  • Freshwater
  • Bowls
  • Toys
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses 
  • Doggy bags, travel-friendly litter box 
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Blankets
  • Your pet health certification (Vaccination records, pet registration, etc)


It is critical to provide your buddy time to expel their energy and use the restroom. When trucking with pets, make frequent pauses. This might assist you in getting out of the truck and staying active.


3.3. Visit the vet regularly 

Take your pet to the veterinarian before trucking with pets for a long time. Make sure they have all of their vaccines up to date and maintain a record of their vaccine history with you. This is usually required if you need to leave them off at childcare while on your trip.

You should notify your veterinarian if you want to take your pet on the road with you. They can do a thorough examination to ensure that they are in excellent health and prepared for the trip. If there is any reason why they do not suggest you bring your pet, they will inform you so that you may make the necessary adjustments.


3.4. Ensure your pet’s safety 

Dogs enjoy sticking their heads out the window when riding, but this may be harmful, especially on highways where speeds are increased. Debris can enter them and cause damage. As a result, drivers should restrict their pets from peering out the window.

Pets should not be left in hot trucks that do not have air conditioning. It can be fatal. It’s also critical to keep them warm enough. Drivers should keep an eye on the temperature.


4. Which are pet-friendly companies?  

If you intend trucking with pets with you on the road it’s helpful to know which companies allow them to go with you. Here is the list of companies that permit you to bring your bestie animal with you: 


  • Prime Inc. 
  • Woody Bogler Trucking
  • Crete Carriers
  • J.B Hunt
  • Knight/Swift
  • Roehl
  • Shaffer Trucking 
  • Stevens Trucking 


In summary, trucking with pets is an amazing experience for pet lovers because they are adorable, friendly, and always there to listen to and support your emotional feeling. It would be better if you have your own little friend in the permanent driving way. If you are interested in this benefit of being a truck driver, start your career by practicing the CDL Practice test on our website. In addition, we also provide an informative article about the CDL Study guide to help you pass it successfully