In the United States, trucking drivers is one of the great jobs for breadwinners to support their life and family. However, to be legal to drive a commercial truck is not that easy. You are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license, which allows you to obtain a proper type of CDL truck along with the Endorsement. For instance, if you want to drive a School Bus, you must own a CDL and a School Bus endorsement. In this article, we are going to provide you a detailed CDL Doubles and Triples Test Study Guide as well as steps to conquer the CDL Doubles and Triples Test. Let’s jump to the major part now!

cdl doubles and triples test study guide
What is CDL Doubles and Triples Test?

1. What are Doubles and Triples?

The terms “doubles” and “triples” refer to transporting numerous trailers connected together. Typically, these are made up of two sub-53-foot trailers connected together. These trailers are normally carried to a central hub where they are dumped off and broken down to be hauled to their ultimate destinations by others.

The length and weight limitations may vary by state, and some lengths of LCVs will need only highway or turnpike travel. In order to drive doubles or triples, you must pass the CDL Doubles and Triples Test, which is organized by the Department of Motor Vehicles.


2. Why should I take the CDL Doubles and Triples Test?

Firstly, it is a must for you if you want to drive two or three trailers. You will be disqualified and unallowed if you do not have the CDL Doubles and Triples Endorsement. 

Secondly, it is the simplest way to apply for a variety of jobs and gain your wage. Although some states still do not allow triple trailers, the number of states loosening up their restrictions is growing fast, leading to mass demand for drivers. Based on some statistics, the national average salary for a truck driver is $39,520 per year, a quite good rate for life. For more information of other CDL endorsements, take a look at the CDL Endormsents article we already posted before. 


3. What’s on the CDL Doubles and Triples test?

3.1. CDL Doubles and Triples Test Structure

In general, CDL Doubles and Triples Test has the same structure as CDL Tanker Endorsement Test. It contains 20 multiple choice and true/false questions. You will do the test on the provided computers. To pass the test, you must get at least an 80% score (about 16 questions answered correctly). 

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3.2. CDL Doubles and Triples test content area

Depending on which state you are living in, the questions of the test are not the same. However, the content area of the CDL Doubles and Triples test is included some main factors:

  • Overview of pulling double/triple trailers: In this section of the CDL Doubles and Triples test, your pulling knowledge will be tested. Therefore, you must know the basic elements, which are converter dollies, pintle hook (military version), and ring hitch (military version). 
  • Coupling and uncoupling: It is necessary to remember how to couple and uncouple double and triple trailers. You can check the table below to know the steps to couple and uncouple trailers:
Type of truck Coupling Uncoupling 
Double trailers 1. Make sure you secure the second trailer
2. Place the converter dolly in front of the second trailer
3. Couple tractor and first semi-trailer
4. Link the converter dolly to the front trailer
5. Link the converter dolly to the rear trailer
1.  Lower the landing gear of the second trailer, then uncouple the rear trailer (at the fifth wheel). 

2. Uncouple the converter dolly by lowering the landing gear of the dolly, disconnecting the safety chains, applying the spring brakes or wheel chocks, releasing the pintle hook, and pulling away from the dolly.

Triple trailers 1. Couple of second and third trailers.
2. Uncouple tractor and pull away from trailers.
3. Couple tractor and first semi-trailer (following standard procedure).
4. Couple tractor and first semi-trailer to second and third trailers.
Use the same method as double trailers


  • Inspecting double and triple trailers: It is a must to remember and understand all the seven steps for inspection of double and triple trailers. Can you name them now? There will be questions about them on CDL Doubles and Triples test.
  • Double/Triples Safety Consideration: Driving a double or triple trailer involves several issues due to their size and length. Therefore, remember to check on the safety guide about rollovers; managing space; Pintle hook, and ring hitch.
  • Checking air brakes: In this part, your responsibility is to point out the steps to check out the air brakes and how they work in truck trailers. Make sure you remember and clearly understand each step.

You may find it overwhelming because this test covers a wide range of knowledge. However, if you pass this CDL doubles and triples test, your trucking career will be on the next level. If you are tired of reading, you can check on our CDL doubles and triples endorsement practice test, to make your practice more effective.


4. What are the CDL Doubles and Triples test requirements?

There are some differences in expectations for truckers who want to take the test between states. However, they all require you to have experience driving this type of truck before.
Next, you must pay for the test and licensing fee. Test free is usually $10 and licensing is about $30.
Some states may require you to take the test at third-party testing sites. For example, Massachusetts does not have its own site for you to do the test, so a third-party location is the best choice. Be well-prepared and ready for it.

cdl doubles and triples test study guide
You must obtain a CDL before taking the Doubles and Triples test

5. What do I need to pass the CDL Doubles and Triples test?

5.1. Read the CDL Doubles and Triples test on the CDL Manual  

Each state has its own licensing exams for trucking endorsements. Thus, you should spend time reading your state’s manual to know what knowledge areas will be on your actual tests. In addition, the manual also picked up some authentic questions that might be a chance to appear in your test.


5.2.  Do the CDL Doubles and Triples Practice test

Of course, you should spend time practicing as well. There are several websites and apps for you to do CDL Doubles and Triples practice tests on the Internet. On our CDL Practice Test, we also have the practice part as well. By providing a source of more than 200 practice questions and flashcards, we ensure that you can get familiar with the format of the actual test and have a calm attitude when taking it. Besides, we are available on both Play Store and App Store for those who prefer to practice on your mobile devices such as phones or tablets, etc. In addition, if you want to have a social community, we are available on Facebook Fanpage too.

We provided all you need to know about the CDL Doubles and Triples test in this  CDL Doubles and Triples study guide. We hope that it will be helpful to drivers who are going to take the CDL Doubles and Triples test in the near future. Good luck with your test!